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Germanic Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: Not only because it had an immense impact on the ________, the Baptism of Clovis deserves a second look.
History of FranceHistory of EuropeHistory of LatviaHistory of Western civilization

Question 2: The Romance speaking territories remained Catholic (with the exception of Geneva, where ________ originated) while Scandinavia remained Lutheran.
CalvinismProtestant ReformationCovenant theologyArminianism

Question 3: From the 16th century the ________ erupted, which took hold almost exclusively in territories where Germanic languages are spoken (Germany, Scandinavia, Britain).
Counter-ReformationEast–West SchismProtestant ReformationCrusades

Question 4: By the 8th century, England and the ________ were (officially) Christian, and by AD 1100 Germanic paganism had also ceased to have political influence in Scandinavia.
FranciaHoly Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 5: A key event was the felling of Thor's Oak in 723 near Fritzlar by ________, apostle of the Germans and first archbishop of Mainz.
Charles MartelPopeSaint BonifaceSaint Sturm

Question 6: From the 6th century, Germanic tribes were converted (and re-converted) by ________ of the Roman Catholic Church.
State religionChristianityIslamMissionary

Question 7: That a ________ would attribute his victory to the Christian God is a recurring motive since the Constantinian shift.
GermanyCommander-in-chiefFranceNicolas Sarkozy

Question 8: [17] The current German Pope, ________, who was born in Southern Germany (Bavaria), is a product of this confessional division.
Pope Benedict XVIPope Paul VICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 9: The ________, speaking as if it were a member of Christ's band of retainers, accepts its fate as it watches its Creator die, and then explains that Christ's death was not a defeat but a victory.
ChristianityPope John Paul IIFlags with crossesCross

Question 10: The ________ became Christians only after a period of syncretism during the 7th century, by gradual emulation of the new religion of the Merovingian elite.
AlamanniFranksGermanic peoplesSuebi


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