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Question 1: The defection of these peoples in the year 89 during Domitian's war against the ________ modified the whole frontier policy of the Empire." (p.
Dacian languageThraciansDaciansSarmatians

Question 2: All of these traits were highlighted perhaps because of their similarity to idealized ________.
ConscienceMoralityVirtueGood and evil

Question 3: Some of them, like the ________, may have been Celts.
Germanic peoplesFranksSaxonsBatavi (ancient people)

Question 4: For example, contemporary historians debate whether all these tribes were really Germanic in the sense that they spoke a ________.
North Germanic languagesGermanic languagesOld NorseWest Germanic languages

Question 5: Ethnography had a long and distinguished heritage in classical literature, and the Germania fits squarely within the tradition established by authors from ________ to Julius Caesar.
Ancient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsHerodotusAlexander the Great

Question 6: He holds the strict monogamy and chastity of Germanic ________ customs worthy of the highest praise, in contrast to what he saw as the vice and immorality rampant in Roman society of his day (ch.
MarriageRomance (love)PolyamoryFamily


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