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Germania: Quiz


Question 1: The Romans under ________ began to conquer and defeat the Germania Magna in 12 BC, having the Legati (generals) Germanicus and Tiberius leading the Legions.
Roman EmperorClaudiusAugustusDomitian

Question 2: At around 320 BC, ________ of Massalia sailed around Britain and along the northern coast of Europe, and what he found on his journeys was so unbelievable that later writers refused to believe him.

Question 3: The occupied Germania was divided into two provinces: Germania Inferior (Lower Germania) (approximately corresponding to the southern part of the present-day Low Countries) and Germania Superior (Upper Germania) (approximately corresponding to present-day Switzerland and ________).

Question 4: Augustus then effected Roman withdrawal from Magna Germania (completed by AD 16) and established the boundary of the Roman Empire as being the Rhine and the ________.

Question 5: The classical world knew little about the people who inhabited the north of Europe before the ________.
1st century BC2nd century BC4th century BC3rd century BC

Question 6:
Germania, Beowulf and Germanic peoples are all:
History of the Netherlands History of Denmark History of the Germanic peoples Prehistory of Poland (until 966)

Question 7:
Germania, Holy Roman Empire and Dutch East India Company are all:
Prehistory of Poland (until 966) History of the Netherlands History of the Germanic peoples History of Denmark

Question 8: The name came into use after ________ adopted it from a Gallic term for the peoples east of the Rhine that probably meant "neighbor".
PompeyJulius CaesarRoman RepublicLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 9:
Germania, Nazism and Holy Roman Empire are all:
History of the Germanic peoples History of Germany History of Denmark History of the Netherlands

Question 10: Germania was inhabited by different tribes, the vast majority Germanic but also including some Celtic, Baltic, ________, and proto-Slavic peoples.
ScythiansSarmatiansIranian peoplesTocharians


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