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German resistance: Quiz


Question 1: Remarkably, the Army commander, General ________, was well aware of the coup preparations.
Walther von ReichenauWalther von BrauchitschWilhelm KeitelFedor von Bock

Question 2: In December 1941 the ________ entered the war, persuading some more realistic Army officers that Germany must ultimately lose the war.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines

Question 3: Local Nazis asked for Galen to be arrested, but Propaganda Minister ________ told Hitler that if this happened there would be an open revolt in Westphalia.
Heinrich HimmlerNazi PartyAdolf HitlerJoseph Goebbels

Question 4: The breaking of the power of the SA in the “________” in July 1934 ended any possibility of a challenge from the “socialist” wing of the Nazi Party, and also brought the Army into closer alliance with the regime.
Night of the Long KnivesNazismVictims of the Night of the Long KnivesAdolf Hitler

Question 5: This was because reminding the German population of the fact that there had been active German resistance to Hitler would undermine the Allied efforts to instill a sense of ________ in the German populace.

Question 6: On 13 March 1943, returning from his easternmost headquarters FHQ Wehrwolf near Vinnitsa to Wolfschanze in East Prussia, Hitler was scheduled to make a stop-over at the headquarters of ________ at Smolensk.
Eastern Front (World War II)Walter ModelOperation BagrationArmy Group Centre

Question 7: The Allied doctrine of ________ meant that "...
William Tecumseh ShermanUnconditional surrenderAmerican Civil WarUlysses S. Grant

Question 8: ________ Popular Opinion And Political Dissent In The Third Reich, Bavaria 1933–45, Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1983, ISBN 0198219229
Andreas HillgruberIan KershawAdolf HitlerErnst Nolte

Question 9: Elser was arrested at the border, sent to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and then in 1945 moved to the ________.
Heinrich HimmlerDachau concentration campNazi concentration campsThe Holocaust

Question 10: Some who had already been deported and were on their way to ________ were actually brought back.
Action T4Operation ReinhardAuschwitz concentration campTreblinka extermination camp

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