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German nouns: Quiz


Question 1: Number (singular, plural) and case (nominative, ________, dative, genitive) must be taken into account in the process of declension.
Dative caseGenitive caseAccusative caseGrammatical case

Question 2: A German noun has one of three specific grammatical genders (masculine, feminine, neuter) and belongs to one of three ________ classes, only partly dependent of gender.
Vocative caseGrammatical caseGenitive caseDeclension

Question 3: The declension can be more difficult than in other languages such as ________; not only the word ending, but also the root may be altered by inflecting.
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 4: In some religious publications (especially ________), the name of Jesus is declined as in Latin, that is:
BishopCatholicEcumenical councilCatholicism

Question 5: The dative plural of all nouns ends in -n if such an ending does not already exist, except that of nouns that form the plural with -s, which are usually ________.
German languageLoanwordEnglish languageFrench language


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