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Question 1: Dürer's pupils Hans Burgkmair and Hans Baldung Grien worked largely in prints, with Baldung developing the topical subject matter of ________ in a number of enigmatic prints.
Witch-cult hypothesisContemporary witchcraftWitchcraftStregheria

Question 2: The area of modern ________ is rich in finds of prehistoric art, including the Venus of Hohle Fels.

Question 3: ________ in Germany, the leading practitioners of which were Kurt Schwitters and Hannah Höch, was centered in Berlin, where it tended to be more politically oriented than Dada groups elsewhere.

Question 4: [46] The Swiss-born ________, Lyonel Feininger and others experimented with cubism.
Wassily KandinskyPaul KleeAugust MackeDer Blaue Reiter

Question 5: After lengthy wars, the Roman Empire settled its frontiers in Germania with the ________ to include much of the south and west of modern Germany.
BambergRegensburgLübeckLimes Germanicus

Question 6: Other notable artists who work with traditional media or figurative imagery include Martin Kippenberger, ________, Sigmar Polke, and Neo Rauch.
Marc ChagallGerhard RichterClaes OldenburgAnselm Kiefer

Question 7: The ________, or Neue Sachlichkeit (new matter-of-factness), was an art movement which arose in Germany during the 1920s as an outgrowth of, and in opposition to, expressionism.
Expressionist architectureNew ObjectivityArt NouveauNew Objectivity (architecture)

Question 8: [5] As in the rest of Europe, metalwork was still the most prestigous form of art, in works like the jewelled Cross of Lothair, made about 1000, probably in ________.

Question 9: Dix was one who remained, being conscripted into the Volksturm Home Guard militia; Pechstein kept his head down in rural ________.
SzczecinPomeraniaRecovered TerritoriesGreifswald

Question 10: [15] Their religious paintings had an ________ style somewhat similar to Grünewald's.
ExpressionismCubismImpressionismAbstract expressionism

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