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German Mexican: Quiz


Question 1: Homes in the town of Nueva Alemania resemble the architectural style of northern Germany, and many of this area's settlers came from the cities of Hamburg, ________, and Lübeck.

Question 2: German Mexicans were important in the development of the Mexican cheese industry and ________ industries.
EthanolBeerBrewingAlcoholic beverage

Question 3: Today, there are about 95,000 descendants of Mennonites in Mexico, who have preserved the ________ dialect.
Low GermanPlautdietschIcelandic languageGerman language

Question 4: After 9 years, 213 German-speaking people, (men, women, and children), from ________ were brought specifically to the village of Nohcacab in 1865.

Question 5: The most prosperous Mennonite colonies in Mexico lie in the states of Chihuahua (Cuauhtémoc, Swift Current, Manitoba), Durango (Patos (Nuevo Ideal), Nuevo Hamburgo), Zacatecas (La Honda) and ________.
OaxacaCampecheQuintana RooChiapas

Question 6: Significant numbers of German immigrants also arrived during and after the First and Second ________.
World warEnd timeRisks to civilization, humans and planet EarthSocietal collapse

Question 7: ________ is usually held in several large cities with German-Mexican communities throughout the country.
MunichOktoberfestBeer festivalStuttgart

Question 8: The majority of them settled in ________ and Puebla.
MoscowMexico CitySão PauloRio de Janeiro

Question 9: The Plautdietsch language is also spoken by the descendants of German and Dutch Mennonite immigrants in the states of Chihuahua and ________.

Question 10: Other German towns lie in the states of Nuevo León, Jalisco, Sinaloa, ________, Quintana Roo, and other parts of Puebla, where the German culture and language have been preserved to different extent.


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