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Question 1: Influence of Prussian ________, the Empire’s colonial efforts and its vigorous, competitive industrial prowess caused a negative view of the state.
Chemical warfareMilitarismWarAerial warfare

Question 2:
What region does German Empire belong to?
Central Israel
Europe and North AmericanCore Area 2.5644 ha
Central Europe
Europe and North America

Question 3: Before unification, German territory was made up of 26 ________.
SomaliaCyprusConstituent stateNorthern Cyprus

Question 4:
What type of government does German Empire have?
Federal constitutional elective monarchy and Parliamentary democracy
Constitutional monarchy and Principality
Absolute monarchy, unitary government
Constitutional monarchy and Limited Parilamentary Government

Question 5:
What is the capital of German Empire?

Question 6: In 1918, at the ________, the Bolshevik government gave Germany and the Ottoman Empire an enormous territorial settlement in exchange for an end to war on the eastern front.
Eastern Front (World War I)Treaty of SèvresTreaty of Brest-LitovskWorld War I

Question 7:

Question 8: The German textiles and metal industries had by the beginning of the ________ surpassed those of Britain in organization and technical efficiency and usurped British manufacturers in the domestic market.
Franco-Prussian WarAlsace-LorraineGerman EmpireOtto von Bismarck

Question 9: Several of these states had gained sovereignty following the dissolution of the ________.
FranciaGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 10:
What religion does German Empire adhere to?


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