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German–Soviet Commercial Agreement (1940): Quiz


Question 1: On September 17, the ________ invaded the eastern Polish territory assigned to it by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact while co-ordinating with German forces in western Poland.
Soviet Armed ForcesRussiaEastern Front (World War II)Red Army

Question 2: [47] The Soviets also provided Germany with a U-boat base at ________ for refueling, maintenance location and a takeoff point for raids and attacks on shipping.
German–Soviet Commercial Agreement (1940)Basis NordGerman–Soviet Axis talksNazi–Soviet economic relations (1934–1941)

Question 3: It followed the signing of the ________ dividing Eastern Europe between the Soviet Union and Germany, and the subsequent invasions by Germany and the Soviet Union of that territory.
Eastern BlocMolotov–Ribbentrop PactJoseph StalinWinter War

Question 4: Hitler's pressing for a German invasion of Poland in 1939 placed tremendous strain on the German war machine, which had been gradually gearing up after the ________ restrictions for total war in 1942 or 1943.
League of NationsWorld War ITreaty of TrianonTreaty of Versailles

Question 5: [50] German occupationss of France, the Netherlands, and ________ created additional demand while decreasing avenues for indirect supply.
United KingdomBelgiumSpainDenmark

Question 6: Four days later, the Soviet Union and Germany signed the ________, an agreement of mutual non-aggression between the parties.
Winter WarJoseph StalinMolotov–Ribbentrop PactEastern Bloc

Question 7: [56] The Lützow, which was not yet completed, was towed to ________, where German engineers worked on the vessel until June 22, 1941.
RussiaMoscowSaint PetersburgLeningrad Oblast

Question 8: [50] The Soviet invasion of Lithuania, ________ and Latvia[12][51] in June 1940 resulted in the Soviet occupation of states on which Germany had relied for 96.7 million Reichsmarks of imports in 1938.


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