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German–Soviet Axis talks: Quiz


Question 1: [12] The Soviet ________ suspended all anti-Nazi and anti-fascist propaganda, explaining that the war in Europe was a matter of capitalist states attacking each other for imperialist purposes.
CommunismMarxismLeft communismComintern

Question 2: [11] Stalin proposed a toast to Hitler, and Stalin and Soviet Foreign Minister ________ repeatedly toasted the German nation, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and Soviet-German relations.
Andrei GromykoJoseph StalinVyacheslav MolotovBoris Yeltsin

Question 3: [54] Hitler stated that he could not do make decisions regarding Bulgaria without conversing first with Italian leader ________.
Benito MussoliniItalian FascismFascismAxis powers

Question 4: [61] Stalin, still hopeful to get a draft agreement, was monitoring the conversations by telegram and sent a telegram to Molotov to remind Hitler of the importance of securing the Bosporous, explaining the events of the ________.
Russian Civil WarCrimean WarGreat Northern WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)

Question 5: [18][24] In June, the Soviets issued an ultimatum demanding ________, Bukovina, and the Hertza region from Romania.
BudjakMoldovaCarpathian RutheniaBessarabia

Question 6: [54] Hitler pointed out that the Soviets had entered ________ in Romania, which went beyond the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
Carpathian RutheniaBukovinaBessarabiaBudjak

Question 7: Meanwhile, from August to October, Germany conducted a massive air campaign against Britain to prepare for "________", the invasion of Britain.
Operation Sea LionWestern Front (World War II)Allied advance from Paris to the RhineOperation Overlord

Question 8: The center of Soviet territorial domination would be south of Baku and Batumi (ports in modern ________ and Georgia, south of which are Iraq and Iran)

Question 9: [27][28] Hitler had to deflect opposition to Germany's pro-Soviet policies, including that by even ________ stalwarts.
SchutzstaffelAdolf HitlerNazismNazi Party

Question 10: [79] They also promised full compensation for the ________ property claims.
Ethnic GermansBaltic GermansVolksdeutscheDanube Swabians

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