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Gerhard Klopfer: Quiz


Question 1: He was captured and imprisoned and was charged with ________ but was released for lack of evidence.
Command responsibilityCrime against humanityWar crimeNuremberg Trials

Question 2: When the Nazis came to power in 1933, he joined the Nazi Party and the SA (Sturmabteilung) along with the ________ (Secret State Police) the following year.
Heinrich HimmlerGestapoAdolf HitlerNazi Germany

Question 3: Gerhard Klopfer (February 18, 1905 – January 29, 1987) was an official of the Nazi Party and assistant to ________ in the Office of the (Nazi) Party Chancellery.
Joachim von RibbentropJoseph GoebbelsMartin BormannAdolf Hitler

Question 4: As the ________ closed in on Berlin in 1945, Klopfer fled the city.
Eastern Front (World War II)RussiaRed ArmySoviet Armed Forces

Question 5: In 1935, he became a member of ________'s staff and the SS (Schutzstaffel) with the honorary SS rank of Oberführer (Brigadier General).
Karl DönitzHermann GöringAdolf HitlerRudolf Hess

Question 6: Klopfer was born in Schreibersdorf, Silesia (now in ________), in 1905.

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