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Question 1: Geotextiles have been used to protect the fossil hominid footprints of Laetoli in ________ from erosion, rain, and tree roots.

Question 2: Overall, these materials are referred to as geosynthetics and each configuration—-geonets, geogrids and others—-can yield benefits in geotechnical and ________ design.
Environmental technologyEnvironmental engineeringEnvironmental Engineering ScienceCivil engineering

Question 3: Geotextiles are permeable ________ which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain.
TextileWeavingTextile printingSilk

Question 4: Geotextiles are also used for sand ________ armoring to protect upland coastal property from storm surge, wave action and flooding.
DuneDrainage basinOxbow lakeSediment transport

Question 5: Geotextile composites have been introduced and products such as ________ and meshes have been developed.
GeosyntheticGeotechnical engineeringGabionDeep foundation

Question 6: A large sand-filled container (SFC) within the dune system prevents storm ________ from proceeding beyond the SFC.
River deltaMouth barErosionSediment transport


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