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Question 1: Beside the production of volatile geosmin, it also produces many other complex molecules of pharmacological interest and its genome sequence is available at the ________.
Human genomeDNAWellcome Trust Sanger InstituteGenetics

Question 2: Geosmin is produced by several classes of microbes, including ________ (blue-green algae) and actinobacteria (especially streptomyces), and released when these microbes die.
CyanobacteriaGram-positive bacteriaStreptococcus iniaeProkaryote

Question 3: Communities whose ________ supply depends on surface water can periodically experience episodes of unpleasant-tasting water when a sharp drop in the population of these bacteria releases geosmin into the local water supply.
Water resourcesOxygenEarthWater

Question 4: Geosmin is also responsible for the muddy smell in bottom-dwelling freshwater fish such as carp and ________.

Question 5: Under ________ conditions, geosmin decomposes into odorless substances.
AcidAcid–base reactionOxygenAcid dissociation constant


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