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George Stacy: Quiz


Question 1: During a fight between Spider-Man and ________, he is crushed by falling debris while saving a child, in the classic The Amazing Spider-Man (vol.
Sandman (Marvel Comics)MysterioDoctor OctopusLizard (comics)

Question 2: In the film Spider-Man 3 (2007), he is played by James Cromwell and is voiced by ________ in The Spectacular Spider-Man.
Superman: The Animated SeriesJohn DiMaggioSuperman/Batman: Public EnemiesClancy Brown

Question 3: George Stacy is a supporting character in ________'s Spider-Man series.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel ComicsMarvel Studios

Question 4: 1) #56 (1968), and was created by Stan Lee, John Romita, Sr., and ________.
Don HeckAvengers (comics)Iron ManJack Kirby

Question 5: George Stacy is portrayed by ________ in Spider-Man 3.
NBCThe Rockford FilesThe West WingJames Cromwell

Question 6: George Stacy appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man voiced by ________.
Superman: The Animated SeriesJohn DiMaggioClancy BrownSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies

Question 7: Called into action one night, Captain Stacy watched Spider-Man battle ________ on a rooftop high above the city.
MysterioSandman (Marvel Comics)Doctor OctopusLizard (comics)

Question 8: He is ________'s father and he strongly approves of his daughter's relationship with Peter Parker (Spider-Man).
Gwen StacyEddie BrockMac GarganSymbiote (comics)


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