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George Foreman: Quiz


Question 1: Then, in 1991, Foreman was given the opportunity to challenge undisputed heavyweight champion ________, who was in tremendous shape at 208 pounds, for the world title in a Pay Per View boxing event.
George ForemanMike TysonLennox LewisEvander Holyfield

Question 2:
Where was George Foreman born?
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Hornsey, London, England, U.K.
Marshall, Texas, United States

Question 3:
What role did George Foreman play in the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man?
Walter 'Shadetree' Burns
Marcus Grayson
Charles Lund

Question 4:
What role did George Foreman play in the movie George?
George Foster
Walter Clark

Question 5:
What is George Foreman also known as?
Atkinson, Ronald Franklin; Big Ron
Andrews, Random Big Chief
Du01B0u01A1ng Vu0103n Minh ; Big Minh
Big George

Question 6:

Question 7:

Question 8:
How is George Foreman described?
American boxer
Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava spiritual leader, scientist, writer and poet
Russian-American novelist, lepidopterist, professor
Union United States Army soldier

Question 9:
When did George Foreman die?

Question 10:
What is George Foreman's nickname?
San Jose Giants
Giant of Mu00E2ru015Fani
The Heywood Giant
''Dr. Ivko, The King of Aces, The Giant from u0160alata

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