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George Davis Snell: Quiz


Question 1: His doctoral thesis was on ________ in mice.
MeiosisChromosomeMendelian inheritanceGenetic linkage

Question 2: Arvid Carlsson / Paul Greengard / ________ (2000)
Eric KandelRoger Wolcott SperryBarbara McClintockEdward B. Lewis

Question 3: His father (who was born in ________), worked as a secretary for the local YMCA; he invented a device for winding induction coils for motorboat engines.
Minneapolis – Saint PaulMinnesotaSaint Paul, MinnesotaNorth Dakota

Question 4: Snell then spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas with ________, who pioneered radiation genetics (and was also to win a Nobel Prize).
Albert Szent-GyörgyiHermann Joseph MullerThomas Hunt MorganCharles Scott Sherrington

Question 5: Recognition of these key genes was prerequisite to successful tissue and ________.
Transplantation medicineEndocrinologyOrgan transplantSurgery

Question 6: In 1935 Snell joined the staff of The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor on beautiful Mount Desert Island by the coast of ________ and he remained there for the entire balance of his long career.
MaineConnecticutMassachusettsNew Hampshire

Question 7: Snell earned his ________ from Harvard in 1930.
DoctorateDoctor of PhilosophyPostgraduate educationAcademic degree

Question 8: Snell died in ________ on June 6, 1996.
Bar Harbor, MaineCastine, MaineTremont, MaineBlue Hill, Maine

Question 9: It was Snell who introduced the concept of H ________."[1] Snell's work in mice led to the discovery of HLA, the major histocompatibility complex, in humans (and all vertebrates) that is analogous to the H-2 complex in mice.
Immune systemAntigenPolyclonal B cell responsePhagocyte

Question 10: It includes an ________-based ethic founded on biological realities that he believed to be applicable to all human beings.
Introduction to evolutionPopulation geneticsNatural selectionEvolution


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