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Question 1: [6][7] George's close friend Jerry Seinfeld (________) described Frank and Estelle as "psychopaths",[8] and said in "The Chinese Woman" that, if they had divorced when George was young, he "could have been normal".
Larry DavidElaine BenesJerry SeinfeldGeorge Costanza

Question 2:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of George Costanza?

Question 3:
Who is George Costanza's spouse?
2) Rachel Lambert Lloyd
Eulada Watt
Jeanne Stephens Lee

Question 4: George is known for his balding hair, which is not as noticeable in the pilot episode "________," but gets thinner as the series progresses.
Cosmo KramerThe Seinfeld ChroniclesElaine BenesMale Unbonding

Question 5:
What is George Costanza also known as?
The Truck Stop Killer
Black Underground Mafia
Art Vandelay

Question 6: "The Outing" deals with a reporter from a ________ college paper mistaking Jerry and George for a homosexual couple, and, in "The Cartoon", George dates someone whom Kramer insists is merely a "female Jerry".
Cornell UniversityRockefeller UniversityColumbia UniversityNew York University

Question 7: His original job when the series starts is as a ________ agent; he ends up quitting.
Allodial titleReal estatePropertyOwnership

Question 8:
What did George Costanza do for a living?
Shop Assistant
Political assistant
Secretary of ASU Press Committee
Assistant to the traveling secretary for New York Yankees

Question 9:
What family does George Costanza belong to?
Red Forman
Unnamed half brother
Ward Cleaver
Estelle Costanza

Question 10:
What gender is George Costanza?
Male in French-speaking countries, female in English-speaking countries
Male only
male in Continental Europe, female in English

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