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George Biddell Airy: Quiz


Question 1: Archival material relating to George Biddell Airy listed at the UK ________
Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom)Lord ChancellorThe National ArchivesJudicial Appointments Commission

Question 2: His first attempt, made in the same year, at the Dolcoath mine in ________, failed in consequence of an accident to one of the pendulums.

Question 3: George Airy was educated first at elementary schools in Hereford, and afterwards at ________.
Colchester Royal Grammar SchoolChelmsford County High School for GirlsKing Edward VI Grammar School (Chelmsford)Colchester County High School

Question 4: In 1847 an altazimuth was erected, designed by Airy to enable observations of the ________ to be made not only on the meridian, but whenever it might be visible.
MoonGanymede (moon)Mercury (planet)Io (moon)

Question 5: In 1822 he was elected scholar of Trinity, and in the following year he graduated as ________ and obtained first Smith's prize.
Wrangler (University of Cambridge)Edward Hall AldersonUniversity of CambridgeThomas Robert Malthus

Question 6: [8] His null result suggested a lack of a universal ________.

Question 7: In June 1846, Airy started corresponding with French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier over the latter's prediction that irregularities in the motion of ________ were due to a so-far unobserved body.

Question 8: Westergaard [10] to determined the stress and strain field around a crack tip and thereby this method contributed to the development of ________.
BrittlenessFracture mechanicsStress (mechanics)Fracture toughness

Question 9: The investigation was probably the most laborious that had been made up to Airy's time in planetary theory, and represented the first specific improvement in the solar tables effected in England since the establishment of the theory of ________.
General relativityGravitationIntroduction to general relativityEquivalence principle

Question 10: ________ is the linear theory for the propagation of gravity waves on the surface of a fluid.
Stokes driftDispersion (water waves)Airy wave theoryMild-slope equation


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