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Question 1: Works by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel at ________
Amazon KindleProject GutenbergProject Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle Books

Question 2:
What is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel also known as?
Ludwig, Wilhelm Friedrich von; Ludwig, Wilhelm Frederich von
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
Wilhelm Richard Wagner
Ludwig, Wilhelm Friedrich

Question 3: [35] Logical positivists such as ________ and the Vienna Circle also criticized Hegelian philosophy and its supporters (such as F. H. Bradley).
Bertrand RussellP. F. StrawsonAlfred Jules AyerLudwig Wittgenstein

Question 4: Hegel's remarks on the French revolution led German poet ________ to label him "The Orléans of German Philosophy".
GermanyFelix MendelssohnRichard WagnerHeinrich Heine

Question 5:
When was Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel born?

Question 6:
Where did Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel die?
Berlin, Brandenburg
Ru00FCdersdorf, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Grou00DF-Lichterfelde near Berlin, German Empire

Question 7:
What philosophical school did Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel belong to?
Analytic Political
German Idealism; Founder of Hegelianism; Historicism
Post Keynesian

Question 8:
What era did Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel belong to?

Question 9: Twentieth-century interpretations of Hegel were mostly shaped by British Idealism, logical positivism, Marxism, and ________.
NazismItalian FascismFascismTotalitarianism

Question 10: The rational, self-conscious whole is not a thing or ________ that lies outside of other existing things or minds.

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