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Question 1: ________, the study of the Earth's magnetic field, including its origin, telluric currents driven by the magnetic field, the Van Allen belts, and the interaction between the magnetosphere and the solar wind.
Atmospheric electricityLightningEarth's magnetic fieldAtmospheric physics

Question 2: The study of water on the Earth, ________, physical oceanography and glaciology
Environmental historyAtmospheric sciencesGeomorphologyHydrology

Question 3: ________, the study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth
Geology2004 Indian Ocean earthquakeReflection seismologySeismology

Question 4: The study of the rocks and minerals, including petrophysics and aspects of ________ such as physical mineralogy and crystal structure
MineralogyMaterials scienceGoldSulfur

Question 5: Most of our knowledge of the ________ is derived from seismology
History of the EarthStructure of the EarthGeological history of EarthFuture of the Earth

Question 6: The theories and techniques of geophysics are employed extensively in the ________ in general.
AstronomyPlanetary scienceNeptuneAstrobiology

Question 7: ________, the study of volcanoes, volcanic features (hot springs, geysers, fumaroles), volcanic rock, and heat flow related to volcanoes
GeologyLavaVolcanologyMount Vesuvius

Question 8: Geophysics, a major discipline of the Earth sciences and a subdiscipline of physics, is the study of the whole ________ by the quantitative observation of its physical properties.

Question 9: ________,[1] measurement of the Earth: GPS, vertical and horizontal motions of the Earth's surface, navigation, the study of the Earth's gravitational field, and the size and form of the Earth
GeologyLongitudeGeodesyWorld Geodetic System

Question 10: Geological and geophysical engineering and ________, applying geophysics to the engineering design of facilities including roads, tunnels, and mines
Geotechnical engineeringLandslideEngineering geologyGeologic hazards


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