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Geonim: Quiz


Question 1: Halakhot Pesukot min ha-Geonim (Brief Rulings of the Geonim): ________ 1516
Hagia SophiaByzantine EmpireByzantine navyConstantinople

Question 2: Chananel Ben Chushiel (Rabbeinu Chananel) and Nissim Gaon of ________, though not holders of the office of Gaon, are often ranked among the Geonim.
TunisSousseEl DjemKairouan

Question 3: The organization of the Babylonian academies recalled the ancient ________.

Question 4: ________ sometimes uses the term "Geonim" in an extended sense, to mean "leading authorities", regardless of what country they lived in.
AverroesThomas AquinasMaimonidesSoul

Question 5: The Sura academy was originally dominant, but its authority waned towards the end of the Geonic period and the Pumbedita Gaonate gained ascendancy (________ in Geonica).
Joseph Saul NathansonLouis GinzbergVilna GaonJerusalem Talmud

Question 6: The Geonim played a prominent and decisive role in the transmission and teaching of ________ and Jewish law.

Question 7: The most notable author among the Geonim was Saadia Gaon, who wrote Biblical commentaries and many other works: he is best known for the philosophical work ________.
Emunoth ve-DeothApophatic theologyKuzariJudaism

Question 8: Geonim is the plural of גאון (Gaon'), which means "pride" or "splendour" in ________ and since the 1800s "genius" as in modern Hebrew.
Samaritan Hebrew languageMishnaic HebrewTiberian vocalizationBiblical Hebrew

Question 9: Two months of the year were denoted as kallah months, the Hebrew months of ________ and Elul.

Question 10: They taught ________ and decided on issues on which no ruling had been rendered during the period of the Talmud.
Jewish philosophyTalmudRabbinic literatureMidrash


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