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Question 1: ________ (Utah)
Geology of the Bryce Canyon areaGeology of the Capitol Reef areaGeology of the Zion and Kolob canyons areaColorado Plateau

Question 2: He is among the first to correctly identify the origin of ________ as a fossilized resin from pine trees by the observation of insects trapped within some pieces.

Question 3: In typical geological investigations, geologists use primary information related to petrology (the study of rocks), ________ (the study of sedimentary layers), and structural geology (the study of positions of rock units and their deformation).
GeochronologyGeologic time scaleFossilStratigraphy

Question 4: These principles were later known in the Renaissance of ________ as the law of superposition of strata, the concept of catastrophism, and the doctrine of uniformitarianism.
EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeWestern Europe

Question 5: Geologists and geophysicists study natural hazards in order to enact safe ________ and warning systems that are used to prevent loss of property and life.
Model building codeConstructionBuilding codeInsurance

Question 6: Geology and geologic principles can be applied to various environmental problems, such as stream restoration, the restoration of ________, and the understanding of the interactions between natural habitat and the geologic environment.
HouseBrownfield landNew townApartment

Question 7: The ________ is an important concept in geology which illustrates the relationships between these three types of rock, and magma.
Rock cycleIgneous rockEarthBasalt

Question 8: The sedimentary sequences of the mid-continental United States and the Grand Canyon in the southwestern United States contain almost-undeformed stacks of sedimentary rocks that have remained in place since ________ time.
Geologic time scaleDevonianCambrian explosionCambrian

Question 9: Plate tectonics also provided a mechanism for Alfred Wegener's theory of ________[24], in which the continents move across the surface of the Earth over geologic time.
PangaeaGeologyAntarcticaContinental drift

Question 10: [1][2] In the Roman period, ________ produced a very extensive discussion of many more minerals and metals then widely used for practical ends.
Equestrian orderRoman NavyCastraPliny the Elder

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