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Geography of Turkey: Quiz


Question 1: Turkey can be thought of as a collage of different pieces (possibly terranes) of ancient continental and oceanic ________ stuck together by younger igneous, volcanic and sedimentary rocks.)
Crust (geology)EarthLithospherePlate tectonics

Question 2: These blocks form a very complex mixture or mélange of rocks that include mainly serpentinite, ________, dolerite and chert (e.g.
Flood basaltBasaltLavaIgneous rock

Question 3: The boundary with ________ was confirmed by the Kasr-i Sirin treaty in 1638.
Iran–Iraq WarIranIraqAzerbaijan

Question 4: Turkey's largest lake, ________, is situated in the mountains at an elevation of 1,546 meters.
Lake VanLake SevanLake TurkanaGreat Salt Lake

Question 5: Running from ________ in the west to Rize in the east, the narrow coastal strip widens at several places into fertile, intensely cultivated deltas.
ZonguldakKaradeniz EreğliZonguldak ProvinceDevrek

Question 6: The boundary with Bulgaria was confirmed by the ________ in 1923.
Treaty of Neuilly-sur-SeineTreaty of LausannePartitioning of the Ottoman EmpireTreaty of Sèvres

Question 7: Turkey is situated in Anatolia and the Balkans, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, and bordering the ________ and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria.
Samos IslandAegean civilizationsAegean SeaAegina

Question 8: Turkey's highest peak, ________ (Ağrı Dağı) — 5,137 meters high — is situated near the point where the boundaries of the four countries meet.
Mount AraratMount SüphanMount HasanLittle Ararat

Question 9: Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m
highest point: ________ 5,137 m
Mount AraratMount HasanLittle AraratMount Süphan

Question 10: The ________ area, close to the midpoint, is a major tobacco-growing region; east of it are numerous citrus groves.


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