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Geography of Ireland: Quiz


Question 1: [15] The River Shannon enters the Atlantic Ocean after ________ at the Shannon Estuary.
LimerickCork (city)GalwayIreland

Question 2: Other major rivers include the ________, River Lee, River Blackwater, River Nore, River Suir, River Barrow, River Erne, and River Boyne.
River LiffeyRiver AvocaRiver SwillyRiver Foyle

Question 3: The large central lowland is of limestone covered with glacial deposits of clay and sand, with widespread ________ and lakes.
EnglandUnited KingdomPeatBog

Question 4: Donegal Bay is a major inlet between County Donegal and ________.
County SligoCounty LaoisCounty LouthCounty Wexford

Question 5: Fossils discovered near Clogher Head, ________, show the coming together of shoreline fauna from both sides of the original dividing ocean.
County WexfordCounty LouthCounty SligoCounty Kilkenny

Question 6: [31] The island's total ________ of approximately 6 million people is concentrated on the east coast, particularly in Dublin and Belfast and their surrounding areas.
PopulationPopulation growthWorld populationOverpopulation

Question 7: [1] It is separated from Great Britain by the ________ and from mainland Europe by the Celtic Sea.
Atlantic OceanIrish SeaNorth SeaArctic Ocean

Question 8: About 65 million years ago, the ________ activity that formed this lava began.
CalderaVolcanoDecade VolcanoesEarth

Question 9: Blanket bogs formed on sites where ________ farmers cleared trees for farming.
Vinča cultureLinear Pottery cultureNeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian culture

Question 10: Rockall Island may deserve this honour but its status is disputed, being claimed by the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, ________ (for the Faroe Islands) and Iceland.


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