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Geography of Europe: Quiz


Question 1: There is ongoing debate on where the ________ is.
Demographics of EuropeGeographical midpoint of EuropeGeography of EuropeEconomy of Europe

Question 2: The boundary continues to the Caspian Sea, the crest of the Caucasus Mountains or, alternatively, the Kura River in the Caucasus, and on to the ________; the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles conclude the Asian boundary.
Aegean SeaBlack SeaBaltic SeaMediterranean Sea

Question 3: Scottish highlands ( cairngorms, a 'low level' mountain range, in northern and central ________.
WalesEnglandUnited KingdomScotland

Question 4: Caucasus Mountains, which also separate Europe and Asia, and is the namesake of the ________, not to be confused with Caucasian peoples
White peopleCaucasian raceAryan raceBlack people

Question 5: Note: ________'s capital, Rome, is the country's largest city if only the municipality (comune) is considered.

Question 6: ________, a major mountain range in Central and Southern Europe
Carpathian MountainsCluj-NapocaTransylvaniaRomania

Question 7: Three smaller peninsulas—Iberia, Italy and the Balkans—emerge from the southern margin of the mainland into the Mediterranean Sea, which separates Europe from ________.
African UnionScramble for AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrica

Question 8: January average range from 18°C in Tenerife, Spain to -20°C in northeastern part of European ________.
RussiaMoscowRussian cultureUnited States

Question 9: See also ________ and List of European islands by population
CreteList of islands by areaÅland IslandsList of European islands by area

Question 10: (See ________ for a more detailed description of the boundary between Asia and Europe).
FranceList of countries spanning more than one continentAzoresBorders of the continents


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