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Geography and cartography in medieval Islam: Quiz


Question 1: Al-Biruni had, by the age of 22, also written several short works, including a study of map projections, ________, which included a method for projecting a hemisphere on a plane.
Spatial analysisGeographyGeographic information systemCartography

Question 2: Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī is also considered the father of ________ for his important contributions to the field,[33][34] along with his significant contributions to geography and geology.
World Geodetic SystemEarthGeodesyLongitude

Question 3: These principles were later known in the Renaissance of ________ as the law of superposition of strata, the concept of catastrophism, and the doctrine of uniformitarianism.
Western EuropeBalkansEastern EuropeEurope

Question 4: Annually, Muslims came to Mecca in Arabia from ________, Islamic Iberia, Persia and India.
Scramble for AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfrican UnionAfrica

Question 5: Muslim navigators of the some period also explored China, Japan, Korea, and according to some reports the ________.
Diomede IslandsChukchi SeaAlaskaBering Strait

Question 6: It is a revised and completed version of ________'s Geography, consisting of a list of 2402 coordinates of cities and other geographical features following a general introduction.

Question 7: He set the Prime Meridian of the Old World at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, 10-13 degrees to the east of ________ (the prime meridian previously set by Ptolemy) and 70 degrees to the west of Baghdad.
AlexandriaAlexander the GreatGreeceAncient Greece

Question 8: Similarly Ibn Rusta claimed that people of intermediate type of physique existed near the ________ where the climate is neither too cold nor too hot.
Circle of latitude25th parallel north20th parallel northTropic of Cancer

Question 9: It describes the structure of a meteor, dealt with the formation of sedimentary rocks, and the role of ________ in mountain formation.
EarthquakeLandslideS-waveGeotechnical engineering

Question 10: Among them are a rectangular schematic map of the Mediterranean area, and the earliest known detailed map (again schematic) of the island ________.


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