Geographic coordinate system: Quiz

Question 1: A line passing to the rear of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (near London in the UK) has been chosen as the international zero-longitude reference line, the ________.
1st meridian west5th meridian west1st meridian eastPrime Meridian

Question 2: The combination of these two components specifies the position of any location on the planet, but does not consider ________ nor depth.
AltimeterAtmospheric pressureAltitudeSea level

Question 3: In defining an ________, the short (vertical) diameter is known as the conjugate diameter, and the long (horizontal) diameter — perpendicular, or "transverse", to the conjugate — is the transverse diameter.
Elliptic orbitConic sectionOrbitEllipse

Question 4: The ________ meridian of Greenwich is both 180°W and 180°E.

Question 5: If the polar vertex is "pulled down" 90°, so that the vertex is on the equator, or transverse diameter, then it becomes the transverse graticule, upon which all ________ is ultimately based (if the longitudinal vertex is between the poles and equator, then it is considered an oblique graticule).
Spherical trigonometrySpherical geometrySphereAl-Jayyani

Question 6: The ________ is 90° N; the south pole is 90° S.
North PoleArctic OceanArctic CircleArctic exploration

Question 7: ________ (abbreviation: Lat., φ, or phi) is the ace to the equatorial plane, measured from the center of the sphere.
LatitudePrime MeridianAntarctic CircleArctic Circle

Question 8: Latitude and longitude values can be based on several different ________ or datums, the most common being WGS 84 used by all GPS equipment.
Global Positioning SystemEarthGeodetic systemPrime Meridian

Question 9: The Earth is not a sphere, but an irregular shape approximating an ________; the challenge is to define a coordinate system that can accurately state each topographical point as an unambiguous tuple of numbers.
Oblate spheroidEllipseLatitudeEllipsoid

Question 10: The 0° parallel of latitude is designated the ________, the fundamental plane of all geographic coordinate systems.
1st parallel northEquator1st parallel south5th parallel north

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