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Geodetic system: Quiz


Question 1: Horizontal datums are used for describing a point on the ________'s surface, in latitude and longitude or another coordinate system.

Question 2: The ________ datum, which is almost identical to the NAD83 datum used in North America, is a common standard datum.
LongitudeWorld Geodetic SystemGlobal Positioning SystemGeodesy

Question 3: Vertical data are either tidal, based on sea levels, gravimetric, based on a ________, or geodetic, based on the same ellipsoid models of the earth used for computing horizontal datums.
GeodesyGeoidPhysical geodesyWorld Geodetic System

Question 4: The main reason that there are a number of datums is that before the advent of ________ positioning, national map making organizations did not have a common surveying reference point and only produced maps for their locality.
Inertial navigation systemGlobal Positioning SystemCompassF-15 Eagle

Question 5: ________, 72, 64 and 60 of the World Geodetic System
Global Positioning SystemGeodesyLongitudeWorld Geodetic System

Question 6: The North Pole, South Pole and ________ may be assumed to be in different positions on different datums, so True North may be very slightly different.
1st parallel northEquator5th parallel north1st parallel south

Question 7: The systems are needed because the ________ is not a perfect sphere.

Question 8: In common usage, elevations are often cited in height above ________; this is a widely used tidal datum.
Physical oceanographyThermohaline circulationCurrent sea level riseSea level

Question 9: OSGB36 of the Ordnance Survey of ________
Great BritainScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 10: In surveying and ________, a datum is a reference point or surface against which position measurements are made, and an associated model of the shape of the earth for computing positions.
GeologyLongitudeWorld Geodetic SystemGeodesy


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