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Question 1: It can also be applied to a particular secular precession of astronomical orbits, equivalent to the rotation of the ________.
Quantum mechanicsGeneral relativityLaplace–Runge–Lenz vectorAngular momentum

Question 2: To derive the precession, assume the system is in a rotating ________.
Schwarzschild metricKerr metricBlack holeReissner–Nordström metric

Question 3: With a first order ________ we find
Series (mathematics)Taylor seriesTrigonometric functionsTaylor's theorem

Question 4: de Sitter precession consists of the kinematic effect called ________ combined with a geometric effect caused by gravitationally curved spacetime.
Special relativityLlewellyn ThomasSpin (physics)Thomas precession

Question 5: For example, the vector could be the angular momentum of a gyroscope orbiting the earth, as carried out by the ________ experiment.
HeliumGravitomagnetismGeneral relativityGravity Probe B

Question 6: The geodetic effect was verified to a precision of better than 0.5% percent by ________, an experiment which measures the tilting of the spin axis of gyroscopes in orbit about the Earth.
GravitomagnetismHeliumGeneral relativityGravity Probe B

Question 7: The geodetic effect (also known as geodetic precession, de Sitter precession or de Sitter effect) represents the effect of the curvature of spacetime, predicted by ________, on a vector carried along with an orbiting body.
GravitationGeneral relativityIntroduction to general relativityBlack hole


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