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Question 1: It plays a pivotal role in ________, the system of biological nomenclature.
SpeciesBinomial nomenclatureFungusTaxonomic rank

Question 2: In ________, a genus (plural: genera) is a taxonomic unit (a taxon) used in the classification of living and fossil organisms.

Question 3: In the hierarchy of the binomial classification system, genus comes above ________ and below family.
EvolutionSpeciesBiological classificationLife

Question 4: Similarly, Canis lupus familiaris is the scientific name for the ________.
DogDog breedCoat (dog)Dog health

Question 5: For example, Canis lupus is the scientific name of the ________, a species, with Canis the generic name for the dog and its close relatives, and with lupus particular (specific) for the wolf (lupus is written in lower case).
Gray WolfCougarRaccoonCoyote

Question 6: In zoology this is the type species (see ________); the generic name is permanently associated with the type specimen of its type species.
Botanical nameType (biology)Biological classificationName-bearing type

Question 7: See ________ and Nomenclature Codes for more details of this system.
FungusAnimalBiological classificationPlant

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