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Question 1: The four divisions of society refers to the model of society in ancient China and was a meritocratic social class system in China, and other subsequently influenced ________ societies.
ConfucianismChinese philosophyHan DynastyConfucius

Question 2: Samurai (?) is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomCambodiaJapan

Question 3: The term "daimyo" is also sometimes used to refer to the leading figures of such clans, also called "________".
PeerageLadyMister (Mr.)Lord

Question 4: In the Middle Ages celibacy in the ________ was a natural barrier to the formation of an hereditary priestly class.
PopeCatholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Gregory I

Question 5: The term is a ________ of the Arabic expressions which used ibn ("son") or bint ("daughter") and an noun to describe someone.
German languageCalqueChinese languageLoanword

Question 6: The two last classes contains the so called untitled ________ (Swedish: obetitlad adel).
Social classGentrySerfdomNobility

Question 7: Anglo-Saxon - Gebedmen (prayer-men), Fyrdmen (army-men), Weorcmen (workmen) (according to ________)
Cnut the GreatEdward the ElderÆthelred the UnreadyAlfred the Great

Question 8: In ________, with the creation of the Domains (han) under the rule of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, all land was confiscated and reissued as fiefdoms to the daimyo.
Tokugawa shogunateTokugawa YoshinobuBakumatsuEdo period

Question 9: In the ________ the gentry included (colonial and British) offshoot families who established the city of Boston, Massachusetts, and Harvard and Yale colleges.
New EnglandMidwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesNortheastern United States

Question 10: The Far East also held similar ideas to the West of what a 'gentleman' is, which are based on ________ principles.
Han DynastyConfuciusChinese philosophyConfucianism

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