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Question 1: As such, David Ley posits a rehabilitated post-industrial city influenced by a "new middle class" containing a cultural sub-class denominated as a ________ of artists, teachers, and cultural administrators.
Nouveau richeCreative classGentrySocial class

Question 2: In jurisdictions where local or national government has these powers, there may be ________ regulations.
Oakland, CaliforniaUnited StatesRent controlWashington, D.C.

Question 3: Because ________ is a new social concept, there are few reports qualifying its effective or ineffective limitation of gentrification.
Inclusionary zoningSan FranciscoNew JerseySacramento, California

Question 4: In other cases ________ owned by local authorities may be sold to tenants and then sold on.
Public housingNew townTower blockUnited Kingdom

Question 5: ________ requiring that employees live near their workplace to reduce corporate decision-making time[citation needed].
CompanyCorporate lawCompanies lawCorporation

Question 6: Barnsbury was built around 1820, as a middle-class ________, but after the Second World War (1939–45), people moved to the suburbs.
SuburbNew York CityLos AngelesLondon

Question 7: To strengthen the rent control laws of New York City, USA, housing advocates active in ________ are attempting to repeal the vacancy decontrol clauses of rent control laws.
New York State AssemblyFranklin D. RooseveltBuffalo, New YorkRent control in New York

Question 8: Adjacent hipster enclaves include neighboring ________ and Flatbush although these neighborhoods are also seeing higher rents.
Midwood, BrooklynFlatlands, BrooklynBushwick, BrooklynGravesend, Brooklyn

Question 9: Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Manhattan lofts in ________ were converted en masse into housing for artists and hippies, and then their sub-culture followers.
SoHoBoweryGreenwich VillageLower East Side

Question 10: The government re-activates the economy of the poor community with a TIF program that rehabilitates the ________ of the neighborhoods being gentrified; resultantly, property values and property tax revenues would rise.
RoadCanalInfrastructureCivil engineering

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