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Gentoo Linux: Quiz


Question 1:
Who developed Gentoo Linux?
The OpenXPKI Foundation
Gentoo Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation,
TrueCrypt Foundation

Question 2: It is distributed as ________, but includes some proprietary software packages.
Open-source softwareFree softwareFree and open source softwareAlternative terms for free software

Question 3:
What license is Gentoo Linux distributed under?
Artistic License 2.0
Proprietary, free versions available
GNU General Public License, others

Question 4: Compilation issues revealed problems with the ________ (GCC), used to build from source code.
GNU General Public LicenseLinuxGNOMEGNU Compiler Collection

Question 5: Currently it is officially supported and considered stable on x86, x86-64, IA-64, PA-RISC, PowerPC, PowerPC 970, SPARC 64-bit and ________ architectures.
MIPS architectureDEC AlphaReduced instruction set computerARM architecture

Question 6: A ________ of Gentoo Linux can be created manually or with UNetbootin.
Linux adoptionUbuntu MobileLinux distributionLive USB

Question 7: [citation needed] Daniel Robbins and the other contributors experimented with a fork of GCC known as ________ developed by Cygnus Solutions.
GNU Compiler CollectionLinuxGNOMEGNU General Public License

Question 8: It is similar to the ________ init system that most Linux distributions use, but uses dependency-based scripts and named run levels rather than numbered ones.
Berkeley Software DistributionUNIX System VSolaris (operating system)Unix

Question 9: Gentoo Linux (pronounced /ˈdʒɛntuː/) is a computer operating system built on top of the ________ and based on the Portage package management system.
SCO-Linux controversiesGNU/Linux naming controversyLinux kernelLoadable kernel module


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