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Gentle Giant: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Gentle Giant produce?

Question 2:
Gentle Giant name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 3:
What role did Charles Martin play in the movie Gentle Giant?
Tom Wedloe
Mark Wedloe
Tater Coughlin
Mike McDonaugh

Question 4:
What years was Gentle Giant active?
1992 – present
1995-1999, 2008-present

Question 5:
What is the origin of Gentle Giant?

Question 6:
Who played Charlie Mason the movie Gentle Giant?
Ralph Meeker
Clint Howard
Dennis Weaver
Frank Schuller

Question 7:
What role did Ralph Meeker play in the movie Gentle Giant?
Fog Hanson
Tom Wedloe
Mark Wedloe
Tater Coughlin

Question 8:
Which of the following labels did Gentle Giant work with?

Question 9:
Who played Mark Wedloe the movie Gentle Giant?
Clint Howard
Ralph Meeker
Charles Martin
Dennis Weaver

Question 10:
Who played Tater Coughlin the movie Gentle Giant?
Charles Martin
Rance Howard
Huntz Hall
Dennis Weaver

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