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Question 1: [8] However, on September 16, 1936 he was replaced by ________, who oversaw the height of the purges in 1937-1938.
Genrikh YagodaJoseph StalinGreat PurgeNikolai Yezhov

Question 2: Yagoda was one of the founders of the ________ concentration camp system.
Katyn massacreGulagJoseph StalinMolotov–Ribbentrop Pact

Question 3: His successor and former deputy ________ ordered the guards to strip Yagoda naked and severely beat him for added humiliation just before his execution[citation needed].
Nikolai YezhovGenrikh YagodaJoseph StalinGreat Purge

Question 4: ________, also Jewish by birth, attributed the following conversation to Yagoda during his last days at the Lubyanka prison before his execution.
KievAlexander OrlovMoscowPrague

Question 5: Yagoda had already earned Stalin's enmity eight years earlier, when he had expressed sympathy for ________[citation needed], whom Stalin had forced from power.
Christian RakovskyNikolai BukharinMoscow TrialsGreat Purge

Question 6: As one Soviet official put it, "The Boss forgets nothing."[9] Yagoda was found guilty of treason and conspiracy against the Soviet government at the ________ in March 1938.
Great PurgeMoscow TrialsNikolai BukharinTrial of the Twenty-One

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