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Question 1: Some organisms have multiple copies of chromosomes, ________, triploid, tetraploid and so on.
PolyploidyPloidyChromosomal translocationKaryotype

Question 2: [1] The term was adapted in 1920 by Hans Winkler, Professor of ________ at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Question 3: The term genome can be applied specifically to mean that stored on a complete set of nuclear DNA (i.e., the "nuclear genome") but can also be applied to that stored within organelles that contain their own DNA, as with the "mitochondrial genome" or the "________ genome".
Cell wallPlastidPhotosynthesisChloroplast

Question 4: In modern molecular biology, the genome is the entirety of an organism's ________ information.
HeredityMatrilinealityGenealogyMost recent common ancestor

Question 5: The first bacterial genome to be completed was that of ________, completed by a team at The Institute for Genomic Research in 1995.
CholeraHaemophilus influenzaePathogenic bacteriaTyphoid fever

Question 6: ________ is invoked to explain how there is often extreme similarity between small portions of the genomes of two organisms that are otherwise very distantly related.
BacteriaHorizontal gene transferMicroorganismDNA

Question 7: The Oxford English Dictionary suggests the name to be a ________ of the words gene and chromosome.
Humpty DumptyPortmanteauSupercoupleBlend

Question 8: There is experimental work being done on minimal genomes for single cell organisms as well as minimal genomes for multicellular organisms (see ________).
Prenatal developmentHuman development (biology)Developmental biologyEmbryogenesis

Question 9: The ________ was organized to map and to sequence the human genome.
DNAChimpanzee genome projectHuman Genome ProjectGenetics

Question 10: Other genome projects include mouse, rice, the plant ________, the puffer fish, bacteria like E. coli, etc.
MaizeCaenorhabditis elegansArabidopsis thalianaModel organism

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