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Genetic recombination: Quiz


Question 1: Genetic recombination is a process by which a molecule of nucleic acid (usually ________; but can also be RNA) is broken and then joined to a different DNA molecule.

Question 2: In ________, recombination occurs in meiosis as a way of facilitating chromosomal crossover.

Question 3: It is a biological mechanism that changes an ________ from one class to another, for example, from an isotype called IgM to an isotype called IgG.
Adaptive immune systemAutoantibodyImmune systemAntibody

Question 4: Recombination is a common method of ________ in both bacteria and eukaryotes.
Homologous recombinationGeneDNA repairCell cycle

Question 5: ________ of the immune system perform genetic recombination, called immunoglobulin class switching.
Plasma cellT helper cellAdaptive immune systemB cell

Question 6: In organisms with an adaptive immune system, a type of genetic recombination called ________ helps immune cells rapidly diversify and adapt to recognize new pathogens.
Innate immune systemB cellV(D)J recombinationAntibody

Question 7: Recombination can occur between similar molecules of DNA, as in ________, or dissimilar molecules of DNA as in non-homologous end joining.
DNA repairHomologous recombinationBacteriaMeiosis

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