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Question 1: [1] The intentional stance is a useful behavioral strategy by which humans assume that others have ________ like their own.
Gottfried LeibnizMindMonismAristotle

Question 2: For example, philosopher ________ has proposed that humans are genetically predisposed to have a theory of mind because there has been evolutionary selection for the human ability to adopt the intentional stance.
C. D. BroadPragmatismDaniel DennettRené Descartes

Question 3: E. O. Wilson's book on ________ and his book Consilience discuss the idea of genetic predisposition to behaviors
Evolutionary psychologySociocultural evolutionSociobiologySociology

Question 4: The ________, which was signed into law by President Bush on May 21, 2008, prohibits discrimination in employment and health insurance based on genetic information.
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination ActUnited States Senate110th United States CongressJohn McCain

Question 5: The field of ________ explores the idea that certain behaviors have been selected for during the course of evolution.
EmotionBehaviorismCognitive psychologyEvolutionary psychology

Question 6: ________ is able to identify individuals who are genetically predisposed to certain health problems.
CancerDNAGenetic discriminationGenetic testing

Question 7: A genetic predisposition is a ________ effect which influences the phenotype of an organism but which can be modified by the environmental conditions.


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