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Question 1: Human genetic engineering can be used to treat ________, but there is a difference between treating the disease in an individual and changing the genome that gets passed down to that person's descendants (germ-line genetic engineering).
Androgen insensitivity syndromeGenetic disorderEpisodic ataxiaAlport syndrome

Question 2: The modification of the ________ structures of agricultural crops can increase the growth rates and even resistance to different diseases caused by pathogens and parasites.

Question 3: These modified crops would also reduce the usage of chemicals, such as ________ and pesticides, and therefore decrease the severity and frequency of the damages produced by these chemical pollution.

Question 4: In 1987 the FDA approved the first genetically engineered vaccine for humans, for ________.
AIDSHepatitis BHerpes simplex virusHerpes simplex

Question 5: for insertion of eukaryotic genomic DNA into prokaryotes, further modification may be carried out such as removal of ________ or ligating prokaryotic promoters.
RNAPolyadenylationIntronRNA splicing

Question 6: Expedient and inexpensive access to comprehensive genetic data has become a reality with billions of sequenced ________ already online and annotated.
AdenineAdenosine monophosphateAdenosine triphosphateNucleotide

Question 7: It is used especially frequently in ________.
Prenatal developmentEmbryogenesisHuman development (biology)Developmental biology

Question 8: It would also reduce the vulnerability of certain diseases produced by pathogens, as well as decrease the risk of ________ that would produce infertile youths.
InbreedingCousin marriageHybrid (biology)Consanguinity

Question 9: Other vectors can also be used, such as viral vectors, ________, liposomes, or even direct insertion using a gene gun.
Bacterial conjugationTransposonHorizontal gene transferTransformation (genetics)

Question 10: Daniel Nathans, Werner Arber and Hamilton Smith received the 1978 ________ in Physiology or Medicine for their isolation of restriction endonucleases.
Nobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversiesNobel FoundationNobel Prize


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