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Genetic diversity: Quiz


Question 1: [1][2] A 2007 study conducted by the ________ found that genetic diversity and biodiversity are dependent upon each other—that diversity within a species is necessary to maintain diversity among species, and vice versa.
Social sciencesScientific methodNational Science FoundationPsychology

Question 2: Gene Diversity is the proportion of polymorphic loci across the ________.

Question 3: The ________ proposes that diversity is the result of the accumulation of neutral substitutions.
Population geneticsNatural selectionGenetic driftNeutral theory of molecular evolution

Question 4: When a ________ containing the genes of one cell infects another, the genetic makeup of the latter changes.
Herpes simplex virusAdenoviridaeRotavirusVirus

Question 5: The academic field of ________ includes several hypotheses and theories regarding genetic diversity.
Genetic erosionEvolutionNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 6: [4] The vulnerability of a population to certain types of ________ can also increase with reduction in genetic diversity.

Question 7: Genetic diversity, the level of ________, refers to the total number of genetic characteristics in the genetic makeup of a species.
BiodiversityConservation biologyEcologyNature

Question 8: The species encountered a ________ and close family relatives were forced to mate with each other, or inbreed.
Population ecologyHolocene extinctionPopulation bottleneckHabitat destruction


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