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Genetic counseling: Quiz


Question 1: A woman may be referred for genetic counseling if pregnant and undergoing ________ or screening.
Obstetric ultrasonographyChorionic villus samplingPrenatal diagnosisAmniocentesis

Question 2: In the ________ they are certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling [1].
AlaskaPhilippinesCanadaUnited States

Question 3: Genetic counselors are present at high risk or specialty prenatal clinics that offer ________, pediatric care centers, and adult genetic centers.
Obstetric ultrasonographyPrenatal diagnosisChorionic villus samplingAmniocentesis

Question 4: Most enter the field from a variety of disciplines, including ________, genetics, nursing, psychology, public health and social work.

Question 5: when one or two of the parents are carriers of a certain trait) through to adulthood (for adult onset genetic conditions such as Huntington's disease or hereditary ________ syndromes).

Question 6: Genetic counselors provide information and support to families who have members with birth defects or ________, and to families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions.
Genetic disorderEpisodic ataxiaAlport syndromeAndrogen insensitivity syndrome


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