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Generative grammar: Quiz


Question 1: ________ has argued that many of the properties of a generative grammar arise from an "innate" universal grammar.
Noam Chomsky's political viewsHenry David ThoreauAnarchismNoam Chomsky

Question 2: Common to all is the effort to come up with a set of rules or principles that will account for the well-formed expressions of a ________.
ThoughtPerceptionAntónio DamásioNatural language

Question 3: The rules of a generative grammar typically function as an ________ to predict grammaticality as a discrete (yes-or-no) result.
Algorithm characterizationsAlgorithmAlan TuringLogic

Question 4: In theoretical linguistics, generative grammar refers to a particular approach to the study of ________.
Subject (grammar)Morphology (linguistics)SyntaxTransformational grammar

Question 5: The oldest known generative grammar that is still extant and in common use is the Sanskrit grammar of Pāṇini, called the ________, composed by the middle of the 1st millennium BCE.

Question 6: According to this view, a sentence is not merely a string of ________, but rather a tree with subordinate and superordinate branches connected at nodes.
LexemeFunction wordWordMorphology (linguistics)

Question 7: The two representations are linked to each other by ________.
Transformational grammarLinguisticsSyntaxGenerative grammar

Question 8: A core aspect of Standard Theory is a distinction between two different representations of a sentence, called Deep Structure and ________.
Generative grammarSyntaxTransformational grammarLinguistics

Question 9: Chomsky's current theory is known as the ________.
X-bar theoryTransformational grammarLinguistic minimalismGovernment and binding theory

Question 10: Essentially, the tree model works something like this example, in which S is a sentence, D is a determiner, N a ________, V a verb, NP a noun phrase and VP a verb phrase:
Article (grammar)Preposition and postpositionAdjectiveNoun


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