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Question 1: Poorly adjusted distribution amplifiers and ________ can make these problems even worse.
Antenna (radio)Electrical impedanceTransformerImpedance matching

Question 2: Repeated applications of ________ and decompression can causes generation loss, particularly if the parameters used are not consistent across generations.
Data compressionLossy compressionVideo codecAudio compression (data)

Question 3: In ________, several techniques, used because of other advantages, may reintroduce generation loss and must be used with caution.
Integrated circuitDigital electronicsLogic gateComputer

Question 4: Before digital technology was widespread, a ________, for example, could rest easy in knowing that unauthorized copies of their music tracks were never as good as the originals.
EMIWarner Music GroupRecord labelMusic industry

Question 5: Some lossy compression ________ are much worse than others in this regard, being neither idempotent nor scalable, and introducing further degradation if parameters are changed.
AlgorithmAlgorithm characterizationsLogicAlan Turing

Question 6: For example, with ________, changing the quality setting will cause different quantization constants to be used, causing additional loss.
MPEG-1Portable Network GraphicsJPEGAudio compression (data)

Question 7: The introduction of professional analog noise reduction systems such as ________ helped reduce the amount of audible generation loss, but were eventually superseded by digital systems which vastly reduced generation loss.
Compact CassetteDolby noise-reduction systemFM broadcastingMiniDisc

Question 8: Thus careful planning of an audio or ________ signal chain from beginning to end and rearranging to minimize multiple conversions is important to avoid generation loss.
HD DVDDigital videoVideoBlu-ray Disc

Question 9: Some digital transforms are reversible, while many are not: ________ is, by definition, fully reversible, while lossy compression throws away some data which cannot be restored.
Data compressionAudio compression (data)Video codecLossless data compression


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