Generation Z: Quiz

Question 1: [3] No longer limited to the home computer, the internet is now increasingly carried in their pockets on mobile internet devices such as ________.
Smartphone4GUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemMobile phone

Question 2: Generation Z is one of the names used for the First World or Western generation of people born between the mid-________ and the late 2000s.
2000s (decade)199619931990s

Question 3: Due to media attention, a variety of ________ are used to describe Generation Z including Generation I,[6][7] or The Internet Generation or simply, Net Generation.
EuphemismNeologismAcronym and initialismNonce word

Question 4: Following Generation Y, they are typically the children of ________; their parents also include the youngest Baby Boomers and some of the oldest Generation Y-ers.
Baby Boom GenerationInterbellum GenerationGreatest GenerationGeneration X

Question 5: Within ________'s generational theory they are known as The New Silent Generation.
Greatest GenerationGeneration XStrauss and HoweGeneration Y

Question 6: They do not only view ________ but also upload into them, rate their contents, and participate in their online activities.
BlogCollaborative softwareWiki softwareWiki

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