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Generation IV reactor: Quiz


Question 1: The primary goals being to improve ________, improve proliferation resistance, minimize waste and natural resource utilization, and to decrease the cost to build and run such plants.
Nuclear safetyNuclear technologyUraniumNuclear power

Question 2: The very high temperature reactor concept utilizes a ________-moderated core with a once-through uranium fuel cycle.
GraphiteCarbonDiamondCarbon nanotube

Question 3: The LFR is cooled by natural ________ with a reactor outlet coolant temperature of 550 °C, possibly ranging up to 800 °C with advanced materials.

Question 4: The reactor core can be either a prismatic-block or a ________ design.
Pebble bed reactorNuclear reactor technologyUraniumPlutonium

Question 5: (The term battery refers to the long-life, factory-fabricated core, not to any provision for electrochemical energy conversion.) The fuel is metal or nitride-based containing fertile uranium and ________.
CuriumTransuranium elementPlutoniumCalifornium

Question 6: The reactors are intended for use in nuclear power plants to produce nuclear power from ________.
Nuclear reactor technologyPlutoniumNuclear fuelUranium

Question 7: Supercritical water-cooled reactors (SCWRs) are promising advanced nuclear systems because of their high ________ (i.e., about 45% vs.
CogenerationThermal efficiencyHeat engineInternal combustion engine

Question 8: The high temperatures enable applications such as process heat or ________ production via the thermochemical iodine-sulfur process.

Question 9: SCWRs are basically ________ (LWR) operating at higher pressure and temperatures with a direct, once-through cycle.
Light water reactorBoiling water reactorNuclear reactor technologyUranium

Question 10: Three systems are nominally thermal reactors and three ________.
Nuclear reactor technologyNuclear powerFast breeder reactorFast-neutron reactor


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