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Generalized anxiety disorder: Quiz


Question 1: Generalized anxiety disorder has been linked to disrupted functional connectivity of the ________ and its processing of fear and anxiety.
Anterior olfactory nucleusAmygdalaOlfactory bulbHippocampal formation

Question 2: Symptoms may temporarily worsen however, during ________ or benzodiazepine withdrawal.
Benzodiazepine dependencePanic disorderAlcohol withdrawal syndromeBenzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome

Question 3: Pregabalin (Lyrica) acts on the ________ in order to decrease the release of neurotransmitters such as glutamate, noradrenaline and substance P.
Ion channelVoltage-dependent calcium channelSodium channelRyanodine receptor

Question 4: In the National Comorbidity Survey (2005), 58% of patients diagnosed with major depression were found to have an anxiety disorder; among these patients, the rate of comorbidity with GAD was 17.2%, and with ________, 9.9%.
Bipolar disorderAmnesiaPanic disorderPanic attack

Question 5: [15] Common side effects include nausea, sexual dysfunction, headache, diarrhea, ________, among others.
Ulcerative colitisCrohn's diseaseIrritable bowel syndromeConstipation

Question 6: Another difference is that the amygdala areas have decreased connectivity with the insula and cingulate areas that control general stimulus salience while having greater connectivity with the parietal cortex and prefrontal cortex circuits that underlie ________.
Cognitive psychologyCognitive neuropsychologyNeuropsychologyExecutive functions

Question 7: [20][21] Side effects include drowsiness, reduced ________ and problems with equilibrioception.
Motor coordinationBrainMuscleNervous system

Question 8: [17] SSRIs are mainly indicated for ________, but are also very effective in treating anxiety disorders.
Mood disorderSchizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorder

Question 9: Patients with a diagnosed anxiety disorder also had high rates of comorbid depression, including 22.4% of patients with social phobia, 9.4% with ________, and 2.3% with panic disorder.
Social anxiety disorderObsessive–compulsive disorderMajor depressive disorderAgoraphobia

Question 10: Buspirone (BuSpar) is a serotonin receptor agonist belonging to the ________ class of compounds.

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