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Question 1: Some in the ________ hope to mount a "peaceful revolution" by organizing enough strikers to completely paralyse the state and corporate apparatus.
Trade unionAnarcho-syndicalismLabour movementAustralian labour movement

Question 2: The Mass Strike by ________ (1906)
Spartacus LeagueRosa LuxemburgLeft communismMarxism

Question 3: The term "general strike" is sometimes also applied to large-scale strikes of all of the workers in a particular industry, such as the ________.
Textile workers strike (1934)New JerseyNew EnglandAlabama

Question 4: The largest general strike that ever stopped the economy of an advanced industrial country – and the first general wildcat strike in history – was ________.
May 1968 in FranceSituationist InternationalCharles de GaulleJean-Luc Godard

Question 5: General strikes were frequent in Spain during the early 20th century, where revolutionary ________ was most popular.
Workers' self-managementSocial anarchismAnarcho-syndicalismLibertarian socialism

Question 6: 1919 – ________, Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceJ. S. WoodsworthCalgaryWinnipeg General Strike

Question 7: A general strike is a ________ by a critical mass of the labour force in a city, region, or country.
Strike actionLockout (industry)Labor rightsLabour law

Question 8: 1919 – ________, US
WashingtonAnna Louise StrongSeattle General StrikeFirst Red Scare

Question 9: ________ published Reflections on Violence in 1908, in which he promotes an understanding of the myth of the general strike:
MarxismKarl MarxGeorges SorelFascism

Question 10: The United States, Canada, and (to a lesser extent) Australia had this trend culminate in the growth of the ________.
Anarcho-syndicalismTimeline of labor issues and eventsIndustrial Workers of the WorldSyndicalism

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