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Question 1: In the same year, the first steps towards generalizing Schwarzschild's solution to ________ objects were taken, which eventually resulted in the Reissner-Nordström solution, now associated with charged black holes.
ElectromagnetismMagnetic fieldElectric currentElectric charge

Question 2: In the long run, they are rather simple objects characterized by eleven parameters specifying energy, linear momentum, ________, location at a specified time and electric charge.
Rigid bodyForceClassical mechanicsAngular momentum

Question 3: [81] For the Moon-________-system, this effect has been measured with the help of lunar laser ranging.

Question 4: In the field of numerical relativity, powerful computers are employed to simulate the geometry of spacetime and to solve Einstein's equations for interesting situations such as two colliding ________.
Kerr–Newman metricBlack holeKerr metricSchwarzschild metric

Question 5: In special relativity, mass turns out to be part of a more general quantity called the energy-momentum tensor, which includes both energy and momentum ________ as well as stress (that is, pressure and shear).

Question 6: [120] There is no generally accepted description of this new kind of matter, within the framework of known ________[121] or otherwise.
Standard ModelTachyonParticle physicsFaddeev–Popov ghost

Question 7: Examples of such differences include gravitational time dilation, the ________ of light, and the gravitational time delay.
Equivalence principleGeneral relativitySchwarzschild metricGravitational redshift

Question 8: Examples are ________, teleparallelism, and Einstein-Cartan theory.
Riemann curvature tensorGeneral relativityGravitationBrans–Dicke theory

Question 9: In particular, the ________ of spacetime is directly related to the four-momentum (mass-energy and linear momentum) of whatever matter and radiation are present.
Gaussian curvatureFrenet–Serret formulasPrincipal curvatureCurvature

Question 10: [137] Even in flat Minkowski space, when described by an accelerated observer (________), there will be horizons associated with a semi-classical radiation known as Unruh radiation.
Special relativityGeneral relativityBorn coordinatesRindler coordinates

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