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Question 1: A general officer is an officer of very high ________.
Military rankGreek military ranksRAF officer ranksNew Zealand military ranks

Question 2: Shang Jiang (________ - PRC and ROC)
ChinaProvince (China)Time in ChinaReligion in China

Question 3: US Air Force ________
United States Marine Corps rank insigniaGeneral (United States)Admiral (United States)Lieutenant general (United States)

Question 4: In most countries "________" contracted to just "General".
Spanish EmpireSpainFrancisco FrancoCaptain General

Question 5: ________, Pakistan, New Zealand, Nigeria etc.).
India and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia

Question 6: All officers who commanded more than a single ________ (the most significant level of unit) came to be known as "general officers".
RegimentDivision (military)CorpsCompany (military unit)

Question 7: In some armies, however, the rank of ________, General of the Army, Army General or Colonel General occupied or occupies this position.
Spanish EmpireFrancisco FrancoSpainCaptain General

Question 8: The General Officer ranks are named by prefixing General, as an adjective, to field officer ranks, although in some countries the highest general officers are titled Field Marshal or ________.
Captain (land)Lieutenant ColonelSecond LieutenantMarshal

Question 9: The other is derived from the ________, where generals' ranks are named according to the unit they (theoretically) command.
French DirectoryNational Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench Revolution

Question 10: US Army ________
General (United States)Lieutenant general (United States)United States Marine Corps rank insigniaAdmiral (United States)

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