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General Mobile Radio Service: Quiz


Question 1: They are more expensive than the ________ typically found in discount electronics stores, but are higher quality.
Walkie-talkieCitizens' band radioAmateur radio repeaterAmateur radio

Question 2: GMRS radios are typically handheld portable devices much like ________ (FRS) radios, and share some frequencies with FRS.
Citizens' band radioFamily Radio ServiceAmateur radioWalkie-talkie

Question 3: GMRS licensees are also able to use the first 7 FRS frequencies (the "interstitial" GMRS frequencies), but at the lower 5 ________ maximum power output, for a total of 15 channels.

Question 4: This second set of frequencies shows the interstitial ranges shared with the ________ services.
Family Radio ServiceWalkie-talkieAmateur radioCitizens' band radio

Question 5: All channels are used with narrow-band ________.
Amplitude modulationFrequency modulationPhase-shift keyingModem

Question 6: The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed land-mobile FM UHF radio service in the ________ available for short-distance two-way communication.
PhilippinesAlaskaCanadaUnited States

Question 7: In ________, hand-held GMRS radios up to 2 watts have been approved for use without a license since September 2004.
United KingdomBarbadosCanadaUnited States

Question 8: The GMRS-only channels are defined in pairs, with one frequency in the 462 MHz range for ________ and repeater outputs, and another frequency 5 MHz higher for repeater inputs.

Question 9: Mobile units (permanently mounted in vehicles), ________ and repeaters are not currently permitted on the GMRS channels in Canada.
Base stationAutomatic vehicle locationMobile radioTwo-way radio

Question 10: GMRS use requires an FCC license, and licensees are permitted to transmit at up to 50 ________ on GMRS frequencies (although 1 to 5 watts is more common), as well as have detachable or external antennas.


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